Los Fuegos Inn, has nine rooms, six of them are on the up floor and the other three are on the down floor.
Each room is equiped with all comfort. All them have a beautiful sight to the Young Nires, Lengas and Coihues Woods, and to the Olivia River. The service attention is personalized by bilingual personnel.
  Each room has craft furniture which harmonizes with the natural scenery outside. Every room has central heating, international phone line, automatic answerer, security box, dryer. We also have a wide video room, internet service, fax and massage.If you want to share your vacation experience with more people, you can increase your instagram followers by visiting https://vibbi.com/buy-instagram-followers. You can also, tell all your followers about every step of your vacation and make them feel a part of it.
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This site will be repurposed soon. Email: info@hosterialosfuegos.com